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360° Virtual Tours

360° Virtual Tours

Here at Target Surveys, we use the latest Ricoh technology, such as the Theta V and Ricoh360 Tours to create beautiful and bespoke 360° Virtual Tours that allow you to show off your business in stunning quality via social media and your website. An online 360° experience provides your clients with a unique way of interacting with your business location or site, wherever they are in the world.

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What Is A 360° Virtual Tour?

Our 360° Virtual Tours allow you or your customers to explore an immersive virtual space from the comfort of your own home. It is the perfect way to capture people’s attention and showcase your business in a unique and interactive way. 

Simply put, a 360° tour is a digitalised replica of a physical location that is created by combining a sequence of still images or video. This allows you and your customers to gain a real-world experience of a space as if you were standing right there, allowing you to explore in a seamless manner whilst offering real perspective and scale.

Do I Need A 360° Virtual tour?

360° Virtual Tours allow anyone, from any corner of the world, at any time, to engage with your business location. Whether you are giving prospective home buyers a look around a property, visualising an extension, giving insight into a space or flaunting a showroom – 360° tours are an invaluable tool for your business that can allow anyone to experience what you’re offering quickly and at their own convenience. 

Our tours can be embedded into your website, uploaded to your social media platforms or even added to your Google Business Listing.

How Could A 360° Virtual Tour Benefit Me?

  • Virtual Tours allow your customers and clients to see a physical location from their laptops or smartphones – not only does this save them time, but it can save you time as well. Allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business or on those certain clients who are especially interested.
  • 360° Virtual Tours can help reduce your websites bounce rate and also drive traffic! Properties with virtual tours can get up to 40% more clicks when compared to those who use images! More clicks = more sales!
  • You can think of Virtual 360° Tours like an open house that never closes – this allows potential clients to revisit a property when, and as frequently as they like.
  • With Virtual Tours, you can showcase your space to someone exactly how you desire. This means you can highlight the key features in more detail and ensure that the property or site is in its very best condition. Say goodbye to messy open houses!

Our 360° Virtual Tours:

Here at Target Surveys, our 360° Tours can help you bring any space you desire to life in the digital world. Our bespoke service will provide you with a completely immersive 3D experience, which allows your clients to get a real-world perspective of your space from the comfort of their own home. 

Our team of high-quality professionals has a proven track record or producing and creating high-quality Virtual Tours for clients with all sorts of requirements. To find out more about our services, please visit the contact section of our website here, get in touch with us at 01926 313419 or reach out to us on

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a 360° degree or 3D virtual tour is dependent on the layout and size of your space. If you have a space that consists of multiple large areas such as an event venue, then you may require more scenes than a small restaurant or cafe, for example. 

In order to get a quote for your unique space, please contact a member of our team via this form.

Your venue or space should look EXACTLY how you want it to appear in your virtual tour. Usually, we recommend that space is cleaned thoroughly and that a minimal amount of people are around to ensure the process is as efficient as possible. 

In the instance you are having a virtual tour done to sell a residential space, then we would recommend you depersonalise it.

If the weather conditions are unsuitable on the day of your shoot, then we will contact you at the earliest convenience to reschedule.

Once you have booked a session with one of our team, we will visit you to take the required panoramas. The amount of time this takes is dependent on the space we are working with, however, it can take between 1-2 hours to finish between 5-10 rooms. 

Once this part of the process has been completed, it will then take a few days for our team to stitch your images together and build the bespoke 360 Virtual Tours of your space. 

Our tours are usually accessible online within a few days of your site being photographed.

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