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Drone Surveys

Drone Surveys

Here at Target Surveys, we use the latest DJI Spark Mavic Phantom 4 to capture high-quality images and data from above, as well as access places that would have otherwise been high risk, time-consuming or simply impossible to reach.

We are transitioning toward a world where 3D Data is becoming the standard. Our Drone Surveys not only provide us with a unique way of collecting data, but are also faster and more efficient than traditional surveying methods. Our Drone Surveys are always carried out by a CAA approved and fully insured professional, allowing us to complete a wide variety of services, including drone mapping, aerial photography, roof inspections, thermal imaging, BIM modelling, land surveying, 3D mapping, topographic surveying and much more!

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Drone Mapping

Aerial Photography

Roof Inspections

Thermal Imagining

BIM Modelling


DJI Phantom 4 RTK

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

What Is A Drone Survey?

Surveying is the science of accurately determining the position of, and the distances between two points in both 2D and 3D space. Surveys provide contractors with critical information that allow them to make more informed decisions when it comes to construction planning, design, infrastructure, boundaries and more. A Drone Survey is simply a survey conducted from an aerial perspective by utilising a drone.

Do I need a Drone Survey?

Here at Target Surveys, our Drone Surveys allow us to acquire detailed data and images from areas which would have been either too expensive, time-consuming or risky to access. Drone Surveys are becoming more and more popular by the day as they can perform surveys in a faster, safer and more efficient manner than traditional methods. 

This allows you to gain a complete and in-depth understanding of your site, and the surrounding area, so you are able to make more informed decisions about your project. Whether you want visual evidence of the progress a project has made, to promote a service, or identify the shortfalls of a potential site, then a Drone Survey could be a really beneficial investment for your business.

How Could A Drone Survey Benefit Me?

Drone Surveying was once considered a novelty or an unneeded expense, however, it is now widely acknowledged as an invaluable tool for surveying that provides countless benefits for businesses and clients alike. 


  • Historically, aerial surveying meant hiring scaffolding or another costly alternative. Costs aside, this was a tedious and time-consuming process as you would have to set up and take down the scaffolding after each surveying session. Using a drone saves on those costs and allows surveys to be performed in a more efficient manner. 
  • A drone can go places that a surveyor can’t, or won’t. From pitched roofs to questionable quarries – a drone allows high quality photographic and video records to be taken of inaccessible areas. This also eliminates various health and safety risks. 
  • Drone Surveys create minimal disruption as they allow for construction sites to stay open and for operations to continue, whereas previously a site may have had to be closed or operations paused.

Drone Surveying at Target Surveys

Here at Target Surveys, we have years of experience providing reliable, efficient and highly accurate surveying services throughout the Midlands, London and the UK. When it comes to our Drone Surveys, we have worked on projects of varying scales and sizes with our team of highly experienced Drone Pilots. 

If you have any questions or queries about our Drone Surveying service or would like to discuss your projects requirements in further detail, then please visit the contact section of our website here, get in touch with us at 01926 313419 or reach out to us on

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a Drone Survey is dependent on the size of the area that you want surveying. For a quote, please contact a member of our team here.

Organising a project in London is possible, however, a non-standard flight application is needed which can take up to 21 days to be approved, something which is not guaranteed. 

As such, if you have a project in mind for London, please contact us around a month prior to the start so we can organise the admin of the project.

Yes – we have to abide by the constraints and guidelines enforced by the CAA to protect public privacy. Also, certain airspace across the country requires permission from Air Traffic Control – these are typically around airports or military areas. 

We also require permission from the landowner who owns the land in which we want to take-off or land on.

Our Drone Surveying services can vary in time and length depending on the size of your site, however, this service is generally much, much quicker than traditional surveying methods.

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