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Roof Survey

From commercial to residential properties, flats, tower blocks, houses, factories, warehouses and more, our CAA approved pilots and fleet of professional-grade drones allow us to conduct Drone Roof Surveys in a highly effective, efficient and safe manner. 

Our Drone Roof Surveys are guaranteed to provide you with an all-encompassing roof inspection service – capturing high-quality footage and data of your building. Not only do our services allow you to see your roof from the sky, but they also save you time and money, replacing the need for large teams, costly scaffolding and mechanical lifters. 

Whatever your building, site or property looks like, you’re sure to benefit from our leading Drone Roof Surveying services.

Key Points

  • 10+ Years Experience 
  • CAA Qualified
  • Professional Grade Equipment


  • DJI Matrice 300 with Zenmuse H20T thermal imagining camera 
  • Leica BLK 360
  • DJI Mavic Mini 2
  • Phantom 4 RTK


  • 4K Images
  • 4K Videos

What Is A Roof Survey?

A Drone Roof Survey is an inspection that is carried out by a professional surveyor to examine the condition or integrity of a roof or building. They can also be used to identify specific issues or concerns before they become a bigger problem. An example of this could be structural damage or ponding water, which commonly occurs on flat surfaces or roofs.

Historically, if you wanted work done on the roof of your property, you would have to pay surveyors to scale your building via scaffolding or hire expensive equipment. This was a costly and time-consuming process, which, at times would also jeopardize the safety of the surveyors.

Nowadays, we have a better solution. Our CAA approved drone pilots are qualified to conduct Drone Roof Surveys on your property, allowing them to inspect it from the sky whilst still delivering fantastic results – providing you with a detailed look at all the intricacies and information you need in a safe, efficient and highly effective manner.

The Benefits of Drone Roof Surveys

Prior to the legalisation of aerial inspections using drones or UAV’s, assessing the integrity or examining any issues present on a roof was a costly and time-consuming exercise, requiring third parties, scaffolding or mechanical lifters. 

However, nowadays, our CAA licensed Drone Pilots can conduct a detailed inspection of the roof of a building, regardless of its location, shape or size. Whether they be residential or commercial properties, flats, tower blocks, churches, warehouses or any other building you could possibly imagine.

Why Pay For A Roof Inspection?

Your roof is the most important aspect of your home or property. It protects you from the harsh elements and provide you with much-needed insulation to keep you warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer. Unfortunately, your roof can become damaged quite easily, whether it be from storms, the build-up of debris, mould, leaks, cracks, blocked gutters, strong winds etc. 

If issues are found, the survey will provide you with all the information you need to rectify the problem before the damage gets worse – saving you money and time! So whether you’re moving into a new property or simply maintaining your own – investing in a roof survey will ensure that every part of your roof is up to scratch so you can feel confident that it will last for years to come.

Get In Touch For A Roof Inspection Survey

The Target Surveys team will be able to provide you with high-resolution images and film of your property, so you can clearly identify any issues with your property. Our professional-grade equipment and pilots make this process safe, quick and most importantly, affordable. 

An example of some of the services we can provide includes: bridge condition surveys, elevation inspections, roof and chimney condition inspections, tall structure surveys, pitched roof surveys, flat roof condition surveys and more. 

Target Surveys is CAA approved to carry out all work on commercial and residential buildings alike, and our team of highly trained pilots, have the ability to provide great results on projects of all sizes throughout the UK. 

So whatever your needs, get in touch with us at 01926 313419 or via – we’d be more than happy to help!