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Heat Loss Survey

A thermal imaging or heat loss survey provides property or site owners with the answer as to why their home may be chilly or cold – from draughts, to insulation voids or underperforming heating, our heat loss survey will identify the key areas that are responsible for heat loss in your home. 

Whether part of your house or flat feels cold, or if refurbishments are being planned – a thermal imaging heat loss survey will empower you with the information you need so you know where, why, and what to improve first.

We have ample experience providing heat loss surveys for homeowners throughout the UK, identifying the critical problem areas that are responsible for excess heat or energy wastage – helping you save money and the environment in the process.

Key Points

  • 10+ Years Experience 
  • CAA Qualified
  • Professional Grade Equipment


  • Drone – DJI Matrice 300 with Zenmuse H20T thermal imagining camera 
  • DJI Mavic 2 Advanced
  • Leica BLK 360


  • Thermal Imaging 
  • 4K Images
  • 4K Videos
  • Overview Report

What Is A Heat Loss Survey?

A heat loss survey helps you identify all the heat leaks in your home, ensuring that your energy bill remains low and your home warm! Usually, a Heat Loss Survey is conducted with a thermal imaging camera in the form of a drone – this works similarly to a traditional camera, however, unlike your usual camera, a thermal camera can detect infrared energy (heat) which it can then convert into a visual image – providing an immediate diagnosis of your heat leaks! 

Here at Target Surveys, we conduct Heat Loss Surveys with the highest quality, professional-grade infrared imaging equipment. Usually, this involves using our DJI Matrice 300 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is equipped with a Zenmuse H20T thermal imaging camera. This helps us identify the problem areas of your home – from lacklustre windows, poor insulation, underperforming heating or draughts.

Do I Need a Heat Loss Survey?

Almost every residential or commercial property in the UK suffers from some sort of heat loss. If you often think that your energy bills are too high, you’re paying more than your neighbours, or there are unexplained cold areas in your building, then you should consider a Heat Loss Survey. 

The purpose of every survey is to make a building or construction more efficient. Our Heat Loss Surveys do just that, for unidentified or diagnosed heat loss ultimately results in increased energy usage and higher bills, as well as a sub-par living environment. We help you identify inefficiencies in your home, so you can save more and waste less. 

Here at Target, we also have experience conducting thermal imaging and heat loss surveys for prospective home buyers, so they can understand the true cost of heating a property.

How Could A Heat Loss Survey Benefit My Site?

A Heat Loss Survey from Target will take your property’s heating requirements and usage into account, and look to identify the areas most susceptible to energy and heat wastage.

Whether you’re halfway through a build, buying a property or renovating an old block of flats, a heat loss survey can save you money and help you create an actionable plan to reduce energy consumption. 

Property developers often require a Heat Loss Survey to identify if maintenance costs outweigh the use case of a building toward the end of a building’s life span.

Our Heat Loss Surveys can identify the problem areas with your site, including: 

  • Missing Insulation 
  • Thermal Bridging
  • Windows and Doors
  • Poor Heating 
  • Structural Integrity 

Get In Touch For A Heat Loss Survey

At Target Surveys, we have significant experience working with drones and thermal imaging cameras to efficiently identify heat loss in both commercial and residential properties. 

We have surveyed houses of all shapes and sizes, helping hundreds of individuals save money on their heating bills and cut back on energy wastage in the process. Our fleet of drones can identify heat loss in roofs, elevated areas and buildings of any size or design – helping you figure out what your problem is, where it is, the cause and most importantly, the fix! 

If your building is often cold even if you have the heating on regularly, or if the costs to keep your building heated are higher than you may expect, then get in touch with us today and let us help you save money 

You can get in touch with us at 01926 313419 or via A member of our team would be more than happy to assist or answer your questions.