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Ecology Surveys

Ecology Surveys

Here at Target Surveys, our Ecological Surveyors have a wealth of experience when it comes to providing you with accurate and reliable Ecological Surveying services. We have worked on a range of projects, from large public infrastructures to residential and commercial properties. 

Our Ecological Surveys will help you identify all the ecological and environmental constraints at your site, providing you with all the information you need to get your planning permission approved. We want to work with you to eliminate any possible problems, so that developers, planning authorities and the natural environment are all happy.

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What Are Ecology Surveys?

Ecology Surveys identify the ecological and environmental constraints present at a development site. Usually, it is recommended that an Ecological Survey is conducted early on in the planning process, as in the event of a habitat being identified, you will have additional time to plan your approach and perform any additional surveys if required. 

Whenever you are developing new land, an ecological survey is required to establish the environmental impact that the project may have, along with cost estimates, insurance, warranty, planning permission and various other site surveys. In this instance, a new development could include a residential build, a new commercial site or an addition to existing development.

Do I Need an Ecology Survey?

In 2013, the UK Biodiversity Action Plan was replaced by the ‘UK post-2010 Biodiversity Framework’ – this identifies the most threatened species throughout the UK that need to be protected. If something is found on your site, such as evidence of a protected species, then this will have to be resolved before further action can take place. 

It is essential therefore that if you are planning a new development of any kind that have an Ecological Survey carried out at your site. This will assess the area and expose any issues or problems that will need to be addressed from an ecological point of view and ensure your project will not encounter any unexpected problems.

How Could An Ecology Survey Benefit Me?

By getting an Ecological Survey carried out at your site you can ensure that your project is able to continue along its the predicted timeline. 


  • An Ecological Survey will make you aware of any ecological constraints that are present at your site so you can create plans to minimise your impact on the environment and ensure that there is a minimal amount of disturbance to the respective habitat.
  • Your Ecological Survey will identify any present habitats and species, and also the degree to which they will be affected. This will help you factor in plans to minimise your impact on biodiversity as well as help your local planning authority with their Ecological Impact Assessment! 
  • An Ecological Survey can also help you determine whether any work is required to be carried out. This is crucial as it can influence whether or not your application will be validated, or if your planning permission will be processed.

Ecology Surveying at Target Surveys

Here at Target Surveys, we are proud to offer a wide range of industry-leading surveying services, and although we have only been in operation since 2011, we have quickly gained a reputation for offering fast, reliable and accurate surveying services to a range of clients throughout the UK. 

When it comes to Ecological Surveys, let our team of expert professionals examine your site so you can be confident that your project will not encounter any costly or time-consuming complications.

To find out more about our services, please visit the contact section of our website here, get in touch with us at 01926 313419 or reach out to us on We look forward to advising you on your next venture!

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost varies depending on the type of survey needed and the size of the project. To get your own quotation, you can contact a member of our lovely team at Target Surveys via this web form.

Ecology Surveys provide you with a detailed account of the species and habitats present at your site location. The whole point of an Ecological Survey is to safeguard the species present with your site, ensuring that all your developments are done in accordance with the correct legislation. 

If you do not have the right Ecological Survey and continue with your operations, you may be liable for prosecution.

Most Ecological Surveys can be done in a matter of hours, however, this is dependent on the size of the site being surveyed, as well as the type of survey you require. Our report is usually processed a couple of days after our site visit

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