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Measured Building Surveys – Service Spotlight

It doesn’t matter if you are working on a cutting edge commercial project or a smaller, residential one – Measured Building Surveys are a requirement for anyone wishing to redevelop or extend a property. 


Benjamin Franklin famously said, by failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.Here at Target, we truly believe this expression is applicable to all walks of life, but it rings even more true when it comes to the building and construction sector. Failure here is simply not an option and a lack of planning or preparation can often put people at risk. 


This is one of the many reasons why every project needs to start with a Measured Building Survey – for you need to know exactly what you have to work with (in regards to each unique building) to create a working environment that is hazard-free, as well as a structure that is both practical, safe and aesthetically pleasing. 


When done correctly, a Measured Building Survey can empower home and business owners with the information and knowledge they need to create a beautiful and bespoke space. Here at Target Surveys, we are proud to utilise the most innovative and state of the art technologies in our operations to provide you with a Measured Building Survey that suits all of your individual requirements.


What Are Measured Building Surveys? 

Simply put, A Measured Building Survey provides you with a detailed overview of a building, including all the intricate details and elements that are present. This can range from the placements of gutters and drains, to the elevation of different parts of the property all the way through to the location of doorways and entrances. If you’d like to see a visual example you can find a survey of a church that we have worked on here


Unlike other surveyors, we use the Lecia BLK360 to create beautiful and detailed scans of your building or structure – these scans are then uploaded to our tablets so we can see and interact with them in real-time, assessing every piece of data with meticulous detail. We choose to take this approach as it ensures that all our surveys are as accurate as possible. This not only saves us time but saves you money – usually if an error is made the surveying company would be required to return to the site to make amendments, a costly and time-consuming process.


A Measured Building Survey can be carried out on buildings of all shapes, ages and sizes. From flats to whole apartment complexes, to cathedrals and castles, or schools, supermarkets and hospitals. The Target Survey team is equipped to handle a wide range of buildings and structures, capturing all the relevant information to provide you with a truly unique look at your property.


Measured Building Survey Lecia

Target Surveys – Measured Building Survey with Lecia BLK360 Tablet.


Do I Need A Measured Building Survey?

If you are working on a construction project and are asking yourself this question, then the answer is probably yes! Whether you are renovating an old building, extending a new build or plotting a new retail space, you’ll need a survey! Information is power after all! As mentioned above, a Measured Building Survey can provide you with a detailed look at all aspects of your building – this allows designers to plan layouts more confidently, contractors to quote prices and materials more accurately and can ensure that every moving part of a project is working toward the same goal. 


Don’t think about a Measured Building Survey as a box-ticking exercise or something you ‘have to do’ – instead, you should think of it as an investment, for it is something that will show you the most efficient way of approaching a specific problem and is likely to save you money in the long run! 

    • Worried about buying too many materials for an extension? A survey will ensure that you order just the right quantity so you can save on supplies that are not needed. 
    • Restoring an old building to its original look? A survey can highlight the specific materials used in an old build, such as the tiles or moulding, allowing you to achieve the most authentic restoration possible.
    • Looking to completely revamp or re-equip an existing structure? A Measured Building Survey allows you to easily and visually examine the most important details of a building. For example, if you were looking to redecorate an office you may want to know the location of the power units so you can plan your designs accordingly. This could save you time and money in the long run that you may have spent adding unnecessary power units.


We hope the above examples have helped you visualise the importance of a Measured Building Survey. Not only can they help you avoid costly mistakes and redesigns, but they can also help you streamline workloads and help you efficiently plan for various complex projects such as rebuilds, revamps, renovations or adaptations of a building.


Blue and Gray Concrete House With Attic during Twilight


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